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Local, prompt, reliable service

is our stock recipe for success. Behind every product we sell is a service network that treats it like it's going into their own kitchen.

Viking Distributing New England Service
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When a customer takes delivery of one or more high-end appliances from any of our retail partners, they expect that product to perform flawlessly for many years to come. And at Viking Distributing, we're dedicated to making sure that all customers are happily setting their tables for as long as they own those products.

Our goal is to resolve every service issue with a single visit

The Viking Distributing East Call Center, located in our 62,000 square foot headquarters in Wallingford, CT, helps ensure that all calls for appliance service and technical support for Viking Distributing East appliances begin with us.

The products we represent are constantly being improved, so keeping up with modifications, upgrades, or model changes from year to year can be a serious challenge for retailers and service companies. Because our goal is to resolve every service issue with a single visit, we have taken the lead in providing comprehensive training to the independent service network in our territory. We choose the most capable service companies and then train their professionals in small, hands-on classes or seminars - at our headquarters, at central field locations, or even in the service provider's own facility.

Servicing dealers and independent service contractors are encouraged to contact the Viking Distributing service department whenever they have questions. We also communicate with them regularly to keep them apprised of product changes, optional upgrades, and upcoming training opportunities.

Prompt repairs

And since Viking Distributing is also a parts distributor for many of the products we represent, we have significantly reduced the delay and administrative hassle often associated with getting repair parts promptly.

For service on Zephyr product, please call Zephyr at 888.880.VENT
For service on Viking countertop appliance (i.e. toasters, mixers, etc) call national service center McNichols at 800.562.4226
Contact Us at 888.844.0389

or use our contact form for more information.