Scotsman Nugget Ice Machine

“Luv the Nug!”

The decision to have or not to have an ice machine for many is not a difficult choice – selecting the desires cube, thickness, density, shape and size can be! Do you serve ice with expensive beverages? Beverages that are compromised with quick melting and flavor changing ice? And very importantly …do you chew ice? For years we’ve asked and now, much to our heart’s desire, it’s here!  Nuggett_Ice_in_clear_glass_w_lemon_whiteScotsman introduces the Brilliance Nugget Ice Machine – a 15” undercounter nugget ice machine for residential use!

“Luv the Nug” – the only ice that “absorbs” the beverage poured over it and gives a unique experience and flavor for all. The only machine of its kind that is made proudly in America, this unit has some other notable exclusive features as well:

  • Front cleaning by consumer with cleaning reminder indicator– no service call required!
  • Double Flight Auger – eases load on machine for longevity!
  • Ice Sweep – clears ice smoothly from chamber, “Anti-Jam” system
  • Exclusive “Sonic” type ice – made by Scotsman commercially
  • Includes black and stainless toe kicks
  • UL approved for outdoor use
  • Made in the USA – exclusive
  • Makes 80 lbs in 24 hours
  • Easily cleaned and maintained by consumer
  • The right specifications for traditional cabinet installations

The nugget machine comes in two models – gravity drain and pump assist, models SCN60GA or SCN60PA, respectively.  As with all ice machines, these units require a drain and are offered with a stainless steel door or without, for overlay applications. As you have come to know with the Brilliance series, the hinge system is concealed so as to offer the opportunity for a totally flush design when installing in surrounding cabinetry.  Another notable feature of this new machine is the improvement of water and energy usage. This unit utilizes all water in ice production and does not purge water, such as a traditional cuber, and therefore uses up to 40% less water and energy than a cuber machine.

Scotsman has once again raised the bar in ice machines, so how could you not LUV THE NUG? We may be seeing an ad from a dentist saying that 5 out of 5 dentists recommend Scotman’s “nugget” machine!

Join the “Nug Nation” today!